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Stars Are Our Witness
Fiction about McFly and anything else
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20th-Jan-2010 02:27 am - WELCOME
Welcome to the comm, guys! I'm glad you all found your way in to our little domain.

I'm Sam and I will be your host for this little adventure as well as my fellow fictionary companion, Sophia. Our heads came together recently when discussing the lack of recent up to date McFly Fanfiction on Livejournal, and so 'Stars are our witness' was born. Of course, if you really feel the need to post something non-mcfly related then by all means submit, and Fi or myself will look over it and give it the all clear. If for any reason we do not approve of such a posting, we will always give reason as to why. So, lets get down to the point already.

Step 1; Well done on finding us, now befriend our lovely community.

Step 2; If you're just reading fiction, please comment - it doesn't have to be a lengthy review, but I'm sure writers want to know their work is being read. A simple 'i read this, it was great' will suffice. However, we do enjoy lovely long comments. Author reader relationships are vital.

Step 3; When submitting your own work please read over it for any mistakes beforehand - there's nothing worse than reading over silly mistakes and/or broken sentences that no longer make sense. Don't ever rush your posting - it's quality not quantity we like here.

Step 4; When posting, please use the following form only;

Title;  [your title goes here]
Fandom; [only include this is it's not a mcfly related fiction]
Pairing; [eg. Tom/ofc]
Rating; [u, pg, 12, 15, 18]
Disclaimer; [a simple explanation that the events in your story are not truthful and are fictional]
Authors notes; [anything else you want to add ie. dedications, how you were inspired, etc]
Summary; [short summary, like the blurb on the back of a book]

Please link back to any previous parts just underneath this section, this makes it easier for anyone reading to find previous chapters if they've only just come across your fiction.

Anything after this, including your chapter/standalone should be placed in an LJ Cut. Info on how to make an LJ cut is here

Step 5. All entries you submit must be members only. All submissions will be monitored/moderated at first.

Step 6; Have fun, guys! I know it's cliche to say that, but read, write, spread the word and repeat the process over and over :) we're all about finding new writers, new talent, new material to read.



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